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MSME Policy development

MED MSMEs Programme approach

In view of capitalising on the various policies implemented in the South Med countries, during 2020, the Programme will conduct two comparative studies on MSMEs access to finance and internationalisation policies and instruments.

These studies are meant to highlight the wealth of policy approaches that the partner countries can

capitalise on in the context of the MED MSMEs Programme.

For both dimensions, the comparative policy study will also include the identification by the national working groups of three 3 good practices (GP) in each of the partner countries both for the internationalisation and access to finance dimensions.

The good practices will focus on showcasing how institutional and regulatory reform processes have resulted in having policies translating into impact.

This will also allow nurturing peer-to-peer dialogue, exchanging experience and identifying multi-country projects for which implementation road maps will be elaborated.

From an internationalisation perspective, two types of activities will be implemented:

At regional level, the Programme will consolidate knowledge about global Global Value Chains integration highlighting key success factors at policy and operational level.

At national level, focused supporting actions will be implemented in specific areas of MSMEs internationalisation such as developing export promotion strategies, supporting MSMEs indirect exports, International partnership promotion, developing new legal status for MSMEs groupings...