Result 2

MSME Regulations and Institutional Environment

MED MSMEs Programme approach

From a regulations and institutional environment perspective, the MED MSMEs Programme addresses both dimensions of access to finance and MSMEs internationalisation. In particular, the Programme leverages on already engaged reforms by the partner countries, promotes exchanges of experiences at the regional level and shares knowledge on EU good practices.

In the Programme’s first year of implementation, regulatory and institutional topics related to Access to Finance policie, addresses:

The promotion of the Regulatory Sandbox: this tool aims at administrative simplification, pilot testing of reforms and regulations to cope with the needs of the fintech sector.

The policy and regulatory impact assessment of a regional counter-guarantee mechanism that would support the national guarantee companies to form a key pillar of the MSMEs’ institutional environment.

The SBA Coordinators and the working group members will be core drivers of the implementation process and capacity building mechanisms in reference to the above activities as potential agents of change within their countries.